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Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder!

“A rose may symbolise love & passion for some and for others it’s just another flower in the world.”

It’s not about the world, it’s about how you perceive things. I’ve seen people who even criticise fairytales say, “Cinderella”. They say things that they themselves have perceived from the story or to be apt, they might have viewed it in a manner that they were taught by the society they live in. Say for instance, a girl staying out till 12 is a problem in their society (though it is, in the city where a woman can be gang-raped in the broad daylight!). But the reason,why I am now giving the explaination for them being against girls staying out till midnight is that the people who do not face the circumstances of such crimes against women may find it hard as to why a fairytale for ‘Tiny-tots’ is being criticised.

The answer lies in the fear present in our minds that speak lengths regarding the safety issue of our girl child.

Coming back to the idea of perception.It’s true that “The beauty is in the eyes of the Beholder.” In Cinderella only, you could have perceived it in a manner that she did hurry when it was time. And I am requesting you beforehand,please don’t come up with your arguments that it was because the magic lost the effect. If it were you, you would have stayed and argued with the Prince let alone the point of forgetting an expensive shoe behind.

The point is amidst the air of criticism you failed to perceive the idea of relations, faith and courage that this story embraces; like – “She was kind enough even when oppressed and had courage & faith that things will get better someday. So instead of depriving your child from viewing it,you can create a positive perception about it and it will infact help them to perceive things positively not only regarding things they watch on Television or Internet but regarding every situation they face even when they are grown-ups.

Lastly, as to doubts regarding why suddenly this advocacy of “Happy Endings”?

I believe Advocacy should not be limited to courtrooms or political matters, it should be present in the air guarding and advocating every molecule in which resides the faith that someday things will get better and therefore, on the parting note, I’ll leave you with my favourite quote from Cinderella-

“Have Courage and Be kind!”

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