Fools rush in where angels fear to tread

I had told you so, isn’t it? This is because of certain developments that are under way right now and that I had hinted at in a column I had written in the immediate aftermath of the Chinese incursion into Ladakh.

Whether we like it or not, the fact remains that the Chinese ingress into Ladakh was triggered in no small measure as a fallout of the abrogation of article 370 simply because that wouldn’t suit the geopolitical ambitions of China. And this was mainly because the act of abrogation was blantantly illegal and unconstitutional in view of the disputed nature of the Kashmir problem where apart from Kashmiris who are main the stakeholders in its resolution and Pakistan is a bonafide  party to the dispute, China too has a stake in view of its claim to the Aksai Chin region in Ladakh of the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir. However, most importantly, the act of abrogation was rammed through in the Parliament without the bother of doing the natural and the constitutionally mandated thing of taking on board the dominant view of Kashmiris which was and continues to be against the abrogation – and for very compelling reasons. Wasn’t that a text book case of “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”?

Now, contrary to the high decibel noises of the Indian political and military leadership in the immediate aftermath of the Chinese intrusion that India could somultaneously take on both China and Pakistan in the event of a two-front war and there was no scope for a dialogue with Pakistan on Kashmir and other issues, the realisation has finally dawned upon them that that was foolhardy to have made such out of the box statements. Which is why there are undeniable reports which have surfaced in recent weeks involving back channel contacts going on between India and Pakistan for a dialogue between the two. What is worth mentioning is that the offer for a dialogue has come at the sole initiative of India.

The main take-away from this development is that public perceptions and headline management is a ploy which is often resorted to by those who have nothing to show for their track record on public good and service to the people. And that public posturings by politicians have a short shelf life which in the case of those who are in the saddle right now in Delhi have realised that these ploys have run out their course. Now is the time that they wake up, smell the coffee, look inwards and, for once, rise to the occasion by reaching out to the people, alleviate the sufferings of those who are livings on the margins of the society and rein in their lust for blood  of the innocents to perpetuate their grip on power. Had it been so, they would have not made such a monumental mess of the Covid pandemic which has assumed such gigantic dimensions across India that right now India is staring at the ominous prospects of a complete collapse. Lastly, let the dance of death be stopped in Kashmir which has been their time-tested ploy to rally their diehard bhakts behind them by presenting Kashmiris as violence-prone ‘desh-drohis’. Let them know that all that Kashmiris want is an end to violence, a life of honour and dignity and a recognition of the disputed nature of the Kashmir issue towards its final and peaceful resolution. It’s part of the bounded duty of those who are presiding over the destiny of their nation to ensure that justice is dispensed to their people regardless of caste, creed, colour or religious denomination of the latter

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Written by M A Sofi


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