The Martyrdom of Babri Masjid: A Bahujan Perspective

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On this day in December 1992, a historic and magnificent place of worship known as the “Babri Masjid” in the town of Ayodhya was demolished by a frenzied mob led by some Upper-Caste Hindus while the powerful state machinery of a constitutionally democratic and secular republic of India watched from a distance the shameful spectacle of the brazen destruction that sent shockwaves across the world.

Much has been written since then on this “black day” of Indian history and the failure of the Indian state and instrumentalities in dispensing justice. While most people continue to view the incident from a Hindu-Muslim binary and a communal angle involving a dispute over the title of the disputed land between two communities, many have also pointed out a more sinister plan of a vicious divide and rule designed to prevent the rise of Bahujan-Muslims to the corridors of power in the post-Mandal politics of India.

Was the rise of hardline Hindu-Brahmin politics during the last decades of the 20th century a matter of coincidence or was it strategically designed to prevent the Bahujan-Muslim alliances in electoral politics of India? This post is an attempt to answer those questions from a Bahujan, Subaltern, and Islamic perspective.

The communities that constitute the numeric or demographic majority in India are collectively referred to as Bahujan. It is a Hindi word of recent origin that means ‘the real majority‘. The term is often employed by the leaders of these backward communities to unite and mobilize them against the numerically inferior but politically dominant Brahmins and other upper-caste Hindus (hereinafter OUCHs). By using the term Bahujan they also intend to break the fictional Hindu-Muslim political binary construed by the Brahminical classes for their advantage.

Bahujan communities include the Schedule Tribes or STs who constitute over 10% of Indians; the Other Backward Classes, or OBCs who constitute over 60% of Indians; the Scheduled Castes, or SCs who constitute over 17% of Indians and the religious minorities including Muslims who constitute over 14% of all Indians as per the latest statistics released by the central government. If taken together these great communities make over 85% of all Indians.

The remaining 15% of Indians include the Brahmins and OUCHs. Despite being a numerical minority in India, they are politically, socially, and economically very dominant and manipulative. Though the current Prime Minister of India is a self-declared OBC, he actually comes from a Bania background and over 90% of ministerial positions in his government are occupied by these Brahmins, Banias, and OUCHs. Similarly, most of the top Ministers, Chief-Ministers, bureaucrats, and diplomats of the Indian government also come from this minority Brahmin and OUCH category.

Bahujans on the other hand who make the numeric or demographic majority in India are grossly under-represented in civil and political institutions of their own country. Most of them are ideologically ill-conditioned due to their historic subordination at the hands of upper-caste Hindus.

Due to centuries of exploitation, they are now deep stuck in the superstitious quagmire of Hindu-Brahmanism and unable to leave it even though they derive nothing out of it and it only exploits them in its various forms.

They are just a namesake Hindus due to a legal fiction created by Brahmins decades ago. In the statute books of India, they cleverly declared all non-Abrahamic communities of India as Hindu and became their elite masters. Also, responsible are the governing policies of Indian Muslim rulers and scholars who during their heydays had foolishly declared all non-Muslim castes and tribes of India as Hindus and thus gave the Brahmins an ebb-up in their nefarious design of creating a majoritarian anti-Muslim block in India based on this fictional plank of Hinduness.

Being a namesake Hindu means that Bahujans don’t have any stake or control in the affairs of Hinduism. Hindu-Brahmanism is still the fiefdom of the minority Brahmins and after them the minority upper castes. Most of the religious scriptures and norms of Hinduism have been made and subsequently modified by these fringe minorities only as per their convenience. And most of these scriptures and norms are innately discriminatory which internalize the exploitation of Bahujans. As per these scriptures, the Brahmins are the Bhupatis i.e. the supreme rulers and owners of the whole earth and Bahujans are their submissive subjects created by God only to serve them.

For thousands of years, Bahujans were not even allowed to roam around Hindu Temples. Despite so many temple entry and temple reform movements, almost 99.99% of Hindu temples are still governed by a fringe minority of Brahmins and OUCHs only. Many temples still do not allow the entry of Bahujans and lower-castes in their sanctum sanctorum because they consider them inferior and their presence profane and polluting.

It’s not that the Bahujans are not aware of all of this. Many of them especially the learned and intellectual ones amongst them are fully aware of this great Brahmanical fraud but the majority of their brethren still fall prey to the Brahmanical propaganda and manipulation due to centuries of manipulative conditioning and brainwashing by the Brahmanical classes.

There was a time in Medieval India when Muslims became the rulers of India but they did not take substantive steps in converting the Bahujans back to Islam even though they destroyed many evil Brahmanical temples that oppressed the Bahujans on this sacred land of Adam, peace be upon him.

However, after the fall of the Muslim polity from India, Brahminical forces again became the masters of this ancient land. And later, through legal fiction in the statute books, they cleverly Hinduized the most Bahujan non-Muslim population of India and thus made themselves a fictional/sham majority under the banner of Hindu. Under this legal fiction, Muslims were rendered a minority even though their population in the subcontinent was far greater than all Brahmins and OUCHs combined.

These fabrications also helped the Brahmanical forces in giving their fringe demands concerning Brahmanisation and Sanskritization of national institutions a majoritarian color and legitimacy.

The Brahmanical classes made Bahujans a namesake Hindus under the law only to assert themselves politically and demographically against Muslims. But socially and ritually they never accepted Bahujans as equals. Brahmins and OUCHs continued to their age-old discrimination and exploitation of Bahujans as per their whims. In the name of Hindu welfare and anti-Muslim front, the fringe Brahmanical forces would further entrench and consolidate themselves on all positions of power and authority.

Elders and intellectuals of Bahujan communities have always been vary, suspicious, and skeptical of the nefarious designs of the Brahmanical classes. As opposed to Brahminists, Bahujans have always been naturally inclined to Islam whose Prophets (peace be upon them all) have had humble roots like them.*

Occupationally also, Bahujan communities are much closer to Muslims on account of both communities having common roots in farming and animal herding. Bahujans are miles away from the fake, deceitful and ostentatious lives of Brahmins and OUCHs who have always refrained from hard work and loved to survive on fraud, chicanery, and exploitation of others.

When Ambedkar’s final attempt of reconciliation and reform of Hindu-Brahmanism failed brutally within the few years of the British departure from the subcontinent, a Bahujan leader Kanshiram called for the unity of all Bahujan communities against the Brahmanical forces.

Consequently, Bahujans began allying with Muslims on political fronts at a much greater scale. Threatened by this unity, the minority Brahmins and OUCHs immediately began to sow a seed of hatred between Muslims and Bahujans. The hypocrite Congress party that had till now pretended to be secular rushed to open the gates of the Ram Temple illegally situated in the holy compounds of the history Babri Mosque. Similarly, all other political parties of India headed by the Brahmanical forces intensified their anti-Muslim propaganda directly or indirectly just to stop the rise of Bahujan Muslims (Jaffrelot).

The fringe minorities like Brahmins and OUCHs have always been suspicious and felt threatened by the unity of Bahujan Muslims. Therefore, they have tried their best to plan and plot against Bahujan unity. These wicked ones amongst humanity have engaged in all sorts of tactics of sowing the seeds of discord and division in Bahujan communities on various caste and community lines with the only aim of continuing their unilateral and exclusive dominance over the whole of India unhindered.

One of their best divide and rule tactics so far has been to propagate communal hatred and Islamophobia in the minds of gullible and backward Bahujans. They poison their innocent minds by spreading various lies against Muslims. When they could not achieve much success, they tried another vicious tactic. They started reclaiming the temples destroyed during the Muslim rule in medieval times. They also laid claim on the historic Babri mosque of Ayodhya by claiming it to have been built on the site of the birth-place of their Lord Ram-an upper-caste Hindu king.

Even though Ram was an upper caste Kshatriya ruler who patronized Brahmins and oppressed Bahujans, Brahmins due to their excessive false propaganda were still able to rope in some naive Bahujans like Kalyan Singh and Uma Bharti to make their fringe demands like Ram-Temple look like the demand of all Hindus inclusive of Bahujans.

They were also able to rally some other foolish Bahujans behind their sinister cause to demolish the historic Babri mosque dedicated to the worship of the God Almighty. In the place of the Holy Mosque, they conspired to construct a grand temple of deceit in the name of that cruel and unjust king Ram whom they portrayed as their God but whom Dr. Ambedkar has emphatically referred to as the killer of Shudras.

Having consolidated the unholy alliance for the demolition of Babri-Masjid, the Brahmanical forces laid their first seize on the historic mosque in October 1992. At that time, the state of Uttar Pradesh where Ayodhya is located was governed by a Bahujan Samajwadi Government headed by Mulayam Singh. It promised the protection of the mosque and valiantly defended its sanctity from the evil Brahmanical forces who were on the verge of storming the holy compound. On the orders of the Bahujan government, the security forces opened fire on the Brahmanist mob and bravely dispersed the evil forces after killing scores of them.

In this manner, the first big attempt by evil Brahmanical forces to demolish the holy site failed. But this did not deter the evils from continuing their nasty conspiracies. And due to their persistent and vicious propaganda of communal hatred and Islamophobia and also due to the mistakes of some Bahujan leaders, the Brahmanists soon overcame the strong Bahujan alliance through their communal divide and rule tactics when they toppled the Bahujan government of Uttar Pradesh that had valiantly defended the Babri from the sinister Brahmanical onslaught.

The Brahminical forces now installed their stooge, Kalyan Singh, as the new Chief-Minister of the State. After having gained the political control of the State, they laid their second seize on the holy compound in December 1992.

And in a brazen act of defiance to constitutional, ethical, and divine norms, they razed the historic Babri Mosque to ground on 6th December 1992. And after over 30 years of manipulation, communalization, and Brahmanization of the legal, political and governing institutions of the country, they also obtained a judgment in 2019 in favor of the construction of the Ram Temple at the sacred site reserved for a Mosque till eternity.

On August 5, 2020, Narendra Modi, the self-declared OBC Prime-Minister of India laid the foundation stone of a Ram-Temple dedicated to that mythical upper-caste king Rama where once stood the magnificent Babri – a divine place of worship reserved as Mosque till the end of time. Let’s see for how long their idols of falsehood last in the mosque of the Almighty on the land of the Almighty.

The temporal justice of earth having been subsumed by the evil Brahmanical writs, the martyred Babri Mosque, and the hapless Indian Muslims shall now wait patiently for the Justice Supreme. And if the Almighty so wills, the landscape of Saryu will once again be dotted by the abode of the faithful believers.

This article was first published in the Justice Mirror and titled “Bahujan, Brahmins and the Babri Mosque: A Subaltern Critique”. It has been reproduced here with few variations. 

The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.
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