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Aviation Law and it’s Scope in India – In Conversation with Syed Tamjeed Ahmad


I am Safiya Husain, recently graduated from faculty of law, Aligarh Muslim University and as a fresh graduate, I am excited about courtrooms and lawyers. During my last internship, I got a chance to meet many black suited men and women in Supreme Court. If we talk about the cause and subject, everything was just divided into territorial civil and criminal laws until I happened to stumble upon a lawyer based in Delhi, practicing aviation law. It’s always a pleasure to meet new people but people who are rare artists of their field, carry a different charm. Syed Tamjeed Ahmad, who practices aviation law in Delhi told me that he focuses on three aspects of aviation law namely banking law, trade law and taxation. Ah, it all sounds similar but aviation law? What is aviation law? What’s the scope of practicing aviation law? Let’s have a look at what Syed Tamjeed has to say about it.

Ques. How’s life as an aviation lawyer?

Ans. It’s going great. Being an aviation lawyer, I focus on three aspects of aviation law- banking law, trade law and taxation.

Ques. While India’s aviation and space activity have taken off, there has not been enough courses to study in India. What’s your stand on it’s scope in India?

Ans. It’s a good area and aviation is a big market in coming future concerning aircraft purchase and banking law regulation.

Ques. Can you give us an insight on the aviation law as a subject and what should be the aim?

Ans. It’s good, providing one should have their basic law strong especially civil law and banking law for it forms the basics of the subject.

So, it was Syed Tamjeed Ahmad, a nice person and a sharp advocate with good knowledge of his subject, who was kind enough to patiently clear my doubts and boost my enthusiasm on aviation law, .Moving on, today everyone is seeking a good job without applying many efforts and for them, there is a good scope in the aviation industry where they are free from mental stress as it is gaining height with every new day. This field is quite interesting as it involves a lot of travelling, flexible work timings and has low work pressure in comparison to other professions.

Okay! but still, what about aviation law and aviation law jobs in India? Every job seeker is aware that the job market is no more bountiful due to the economic slowdown worldwide. India is no different in terms of job market and job aspirants have to try harder than ever before. But some newer avenues are opening up notwithstanding the lack of enthusiasm in the economy. Career in aviation laws is one such area which is the latest addition to the job market and has huge potential in the long run as Tamjeed mentioned. Aviation or aerospace lawyer is the answer to the legal hassles in the ever increasing as well as complicated aviation Industry.

In India, fortunately there are very few institutions or universities which have started courses in aviation laws. Courses vary from Masters, Graduation or Diploma in different aspects of aviation laws like air-transport laws, space and telecommunication laws etc. Unfortunately there are not many institutes where you can study aviation law courses in India be it govt recognized or UGC certified.

Aviation may be the most competitive industry in the world, but it is also among the most heavily regulated. The battle to bring the best possible deals to consumers has to be done according to the rules. Knowing those rules, ensuring compliance and pushing for their improvement is the name of the game. Aviation law courses are comparatively new in India.

Here I am discussing a few institutes which offer aviation law courses in India. NALSAR University, the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS) and IAAM university are a few law colleges In India which offer this course under various titles-

  • NUJS offers Distant course in Post Graduate Diploma in Air and Space Law.
  • IAAM offers Aviation Law and Air Transport Management.
  • NALSAR University has its Centre for Air and Space Law(CASL).
  • Jindal Global Law School’s Air and Space Law.

Concluding, legal career in aviation industry is undoubtedly a promising career. With the strict nature of aviation rules and regulations, rise of commercialism in the industry and also the competitive nature of the industry only ensure the needs of trained professionals to handle the legal aspect of the field. Still aspiring students are advised to make a thorough research about the scope of the legal career before deciding to study the courses.

The views and opinions expressed by the writer are personal and do not necessarily reflect the official position of VOM.
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