Wisdom versus Wilfulness

Whether it is wise people or wise nations, an important hallmark of their style of functioning is that they have a close eye on their weaknesses rather than on their strengths to rest their laurels on. On that count, the contrast between an educated leader and one who is downright illiterate can’t get starker! Whereas the former as the head of the state in the country next door has ensured to expose the chinks in the armour in the politics and the society of that country, which is a necessary condition before hoping to fix them, the latter has all along sought to highlight only the brighter side of the picture while glossing over the underbelly  that conceals the glitter that he has been endlessly tom toming about. Come to think of it, for the most part such claims have been made of the putative military muscle of the country, which was exposed as a myth by the Chinese ingress in Ladakh. Or about India having emerged as a health tourism destination, again exposing this claim as a joke, what with the fresh wave of Covid claiming thousands of lives on a daily basis for want of access to as basic a life-saving commodity as oxygen.

An off shoot of such self-adulating overdose of one-sided picture that has been fed as a staple diet for the masses has been a complete neglect of the ways in which the grey areas of immediate concern like those indicated above could be addressed. Which is why the bubble has finally burst as the world is watching how the country has witnessed a complete systemic collapse in dealing with the latest wave of the Covid pandemic which has exposed the entire infrastructure of lies and falsehood  underlying his bombastic claims of invincibility of India’s stature as a nation ‘that has finally arrived’! Nothing could be more misleading and farther from the truth, considering that the world is witnessing how a (false) picture has been presented of a country which is woefully lacking in the basic infrastructure involving healthcare, education, wages, employment etc. and what have you. The situation has come to such a pass simply because wilfulness of intention has been allowed to take precedence over wisdom.

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Written by M A Sofi


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